Digimar® 814 SR – A Scribing and Measuring Height Gage

Digital instruments are fast becoming the preferred way of taking measurements for their fast and accurate reading of results. With the Digimar 814 SR, you can easily measure heights and distances for scribing and making workpieces.

The Digimar 814 SR is available in two sizes: 350mm/14″ and 600mm/24″. They share certain common features, including the below:

  • 12mm, high-contrast LCD display
  • Stable foot that makes grippy easy
  • Hardened and rustproof slider and rail
  • Hardened and lapped standing surface
  • Handwheel for measuring and positioning
  • Locking screw that enables fine tuning
  • Exchangeable measuring and scribing tip
  • USB and wireless
  • Runs on Opto RS-232C

To find out more information on the Digimar 814 SR, please click here.

by George Chitos

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