How To Measure Thousands Of Parts

Have you ever needed to measure thousands of parts, all with different configurations? You may have considered using air gaging thanks to their ability to measure precision tapers quickly and accurately, but this can require many different air tools to suit each component combination. Not only is this troublesome, it can also result in a logistics nightmare.

When a manufacturer of orthopaedic implants met with this problem, Mahr managed to find a solution by designing a master air tool with multiple spacers and numerous jet settings. This meant that the user could use a single tool to measure the various components, regardless of length. This is achieved by measuring each part to choose the most suitable spacer.

In addition, the manufacturer had another request: they wanted to be able to use the gage in different work cells. This would allow them to measure multiple parts from separate machines. To meet this requirement, Mahr came up with a custom touchscreen gaging computer that is capable of the following:

  • Storing all part files, selecting the proper tool based on part number
  • Pulling the appropriate calibration offsets
  • Storing measurements for future documentation
  • Printing customer reports

With this new and innovative measuring system by Mahr, the manufacturer was able to use a single device to measure different manufacturing cells.

by George Chitos

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