Product Spotlight: Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation

Wenzel exaCT S CT Workstation

Industrial CT scanning or Computed Tomography Scanning is a testing technique that uses radiographic technology to measure volumetric detail. The technology is based on the ability of X-ray waves to pass through materials of various densities and thus allowing quality control specialists to measure internal features of a component without having to take it apart.

As manufacturing processes have become more and more complex, companies are increasingly turning to industrial CT scanning equipment such as the Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation to ensure that their outputs meet very precise quality standards. Part of the reason why this technology is becoming widespread is the ability of the radiographic waves to penetrate both metallic and non-metallic materials, giving these machines the ability to be used in all sorts of manufacturing processes.

These useful devices have the additional benefit of being versatile and are not affected by manufacturing plants that have a lot of vibration or temperature variations. This is unlike CM Machines and other measurement tools that can be affected by such vibrations thus limiting their use in certain manufacturing processes.

If you are looking to buy an Industrial CT scanner, you should consider the Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation. Let us tell you more about this versatile and precise machine.

About Wenzel

The Wenzel Group is a family-owned company that manufactures various high precision tools that are used in the world of metrology. The Wenzel Group was founded in 1968 and since then, they have seen their metrology machines being used in some of the largest manufacturing processes across the globe. Industries that are currently using Wenzel Group’s products include the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, a variety of manufacturers producing medical equipment and many others.

Wenzel positions itself as offering metrology solutions that are anchored on a foundation of German engineering and building partnerships. The company has particular strength in the following areas:

  • Coordinate Metrology
  • Optical High-Speed Scanning
  • Computed Tomography

The company has a presence in over 50 countries across the world and has 650 employees.

Features of Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation

Here are some notable features of the Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation:

  • High Precision Rotary Table
  • 130kV Maintenance-free X-Ray Source
  • Full Radiation Protection
  • Upgradeable X-Ray Source
  • High-precision, granite-based linear guide-ways
  • Roller-bearing or Air-bearing turntable bearings
  • High-resolution optical precision measuring systems
  • Voxel Resolution: 5µm – 40µm
  • Hardware Control
  • CT Measurement Preparation
  • CT Flow Control
  • On-line radioscopy analysis and parameter determination
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Nominal / Actual value comparison with color-coded visualization
  • Cut and point measurement
  • Result output and reporting module

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by George Chitos

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