Formed in 1977, Mecmesin has over four decades of experience in manufacturing force and torque measuring solutions for manufacturing and other purposes. Mecmesin operates with a principle of offering solutions that offer the best precision, reliability and value for money. Operation under the ISO 9001 standards ensures that all the company’s systems surpass predefined quality standards to effect this. In addition to selling a wide range of products including force gauges, crimp testing kits and torque testing machines, Mecmesin also offers custom engineering services for highly specific requirements.

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Popular Products from Mecmesin

Most force and torque gauges manufactured by Mecmesin are retailed by Willrich Precision Instruments. Some of our hot-selling Mecmesin products include:

  • Mecmesin Multitest I-Force Stand Series (Up To 11,000lb)
  • Mecmesin Analog Force Gauges
  • Mecmesin Low Cost Analogue Gauges
  • Mecmesin Multi-Test-D Motorized Force Test Stands
  • Mecmesin Multitest-XT Tension and Compression Touch Screen Test Stands
  • Mecmesin M500E Motorized Force Test Stands
  • Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Testers

Shop for Mecmesin Products at Willrich Precision Instrument

With nearly five decades of experience in retailing precision and machining instrumentation, Willrich Precision Instruments is your ideal source for Mecmesin products. To make product selection easier, we are staffed by highly qualified and experienced staff members who will easily match your needs to the most useful instruments. We also pride ourselves in providing efficient services to all our clients. Whatever industry you are involved in, Willrich Precision Instrument welcomes you to buy force and torque gauges from Mecmesin with ease. Start browsing through our inventory today and shop with confidence!

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