ST Industries

ST Industries products are some of the most in-demand products found at Willrich Precision. ST Industries is a 7 decades-old company which specializes in the manufacture of measuring products. Based in Southwestern Minnesota, this company is a pioneer in innovative and unique products used mainly in the metrology field. Products that the company makes include optical and video inspection systems, machine tool accessories and more. ST Industries products are quality manufactured in the United States. In addition to providing extensive products for use in a wide range of applications in the metrology field, the company is also involved in providing unique, bespoke solutions for your needs.

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Popular Products from ST Industries

Willrich Precision has a huge stock of products from ST Industries; you are likely to find practically all the products the company produces. Some of these include:

  • ST Industries Micrometer Setting Standards
  • ST Industries Group 1 Tubular Frame Micrometer
  • ST Industries Rolling Mill Micrometers
  • ST Industries Telescope Gages
  • ST Industries Dial Industries
  • ST Industries Depth Micrometers

Shop at Willrich Precision for ST Industries Products

Willrich Precision has one of the widest selections of precision tools from ST Industries. Buying any products from us assures you of the highest quality and value for money. Our optimized shopping process also means that you will be able to find what you need and check out with ease. If you need help with any ST Industries product purchase, feel free to reach out to our customer sales support who can assist you greatly with our excellent product knowledge and niche expertise.

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