Brown and Sharpe Intrimik Style B INTRIMIK/TRI-O-BOR


Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Style B Digital Reading INTRIMIK/TRI-O-BORE Self-centering and self-aligning internal micrometers with 3-line contact with the part being inspected. These measuring instruments are specially suited for through holes, but also for blind bores or short centering shoulders.  The Brown & Sharpe Intrimik is also available in sets.  See section on our website for sets.


Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Features:

  • Intrimik Style B INTRIMIK/TRI-O-BOR
  • Measuring arms and cone: tungsten carbide tipped
  • interchangeable arms available – download the specs in the resources tab
  • Sold as Individuals, Partial Sets or Complete Sets



Available Options

inch-or-metric-select Product Number
Inch 599-238-8-1
Inch 599-238-10-1
Inch 599-238-12-1
Inch 599-238-16-1
Inch 599-238-20-1
Inch 599-238-24-1
Inch 599-238-28-1
Inch 599-238-32-1
Inch 599-238-36-1
Inch 599-238-40-1
Inch 599-238-44-1
Inch 599-238-44-1
Metric 09.10005
Metric 09.10006
Metric 09.10007
Metric 09.10405
Metric 09.10406
Metric 09.10407
Metric 09.10705
Metric 09.10706
Metric 09.10707
Metric 09.11105
Metric 09.11106
Metric 09.11107
Inch 09.20300
Inch 09.20600
Inch 09.20900
Inch 09.21300
Metric 09.10302
Metric 09.10602
Metric 09.10902
Metric 09.11302
Inch 599-241-1
Inch 599-242-1
Inch 09.20704
Inch 09.21104
Metric 09.10004
Metric 09.10404
Metric 09.10704
Metric 09.11104

Click below to enlarge technical specs on the Brown & Sharpe Intrimik

Brown and Sharpe Style B Digital Reading INTRIMIK TRI-O-BOR Specs

Download the Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Style B Bore Gage individuals product information by using the below link:

Brown and Sharpe Style B Digital Reading INTRIMIK TRI-O-BOR individuals

Click below to enlarge Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Style B Bore Gage set information:

Brown & Sharpe Style B Digital Reading INTRIMIK TRI-O-BOR SETS Specs

Download the Accessories for Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Style B Tri-O-Bore by using the link below:

Accessories for Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Style B

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