Dillon CT Manual Force Test Stand (52751-1885)


The Dillon CT Manual Test Stand is an affordable force testing tool to improve the quality of force measurement results. It controls the variables which can affect testing results and does both compression testing and tension testing. Capacity to 110 lbs with 0.12 inch travel per hand wheel rotation.

1 Year Warranty

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Dillon CT Manual Force Test Stand Features:

  • Off axis forces – Maintains alignment with the force gauge axis
  • Speed variations – Reduces ‘force surges’ that are common in handheld tests
  • Aligns with the Model GL force gauge without accessories
  • The tension alignment accessory permits other gauges to be used in tension in perfect alignment

Dillon CT Manual Force Test Stand:

  • Capacity: 500 N / 110 lbf / 50 kgf
  • Does both Tension testing and compression testing
  • Travel per hand wheel rotation: 3.0 mm / 0.12 in
  • Gauge mounting: All Dillon electronic force gauges and other gauges with the popular 2.25 inch (57 mm) spacing attach to crosshead. Plate may be drilled to accommodate other patterns.
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor.
  • Shipping weight: 22 lbs

Download the Dillon CT Manual Force Test Stand product information using the link below:

Dillon CT Manual Force Test Stand


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