Fowler Small Hole Gages


Fowler’s Dial Hole Gages are designed to quickly measure the diameter of small holes. Perfect for inspecting printed circuit boards, connectors, sheetmetal,
screw machine parts, etc.


ISO-17025 Certification

Fowler Dial Hole Gages Features:

• Simple to read and use—insert plunger into hole being measured and press the base plate firmly against the part.
• Plunger made of precision ground tool steel.
• Direct diameter reading to .001″(.02mm).
• Made in the U.S.A, this gage requires no setting master— zero on any flat surface to set-to number etched on back of indicator.
• Larger sizes available upon request.
• .0001″ Direct reading units also available—contact our Technical Department.
•  Optional setting masters available on special quote.
• .004-.040″ available

Available Options

inch-or-metric-select Product Number
inch #53-784-040
inch #53-784-130
inch #53-784-230
inch #53-784-330
inch #53-784-430
inch #53-784-530
metric #53-784-100
metric #53-784-200
metric #53-784-300
metric #53-784-400
metric #53-784-500
metric #53-784-500

Fowler Small Hole Gages :

• Direct diameter reading to .001″(.02mm).
• Dial diameter: 2-1/4″
• Accuracy: ±.00025″(.01mm)
• .0001″ Direct reading units also available

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