Mahr Model 6910431 M300C MarSurf Set (6910431)


Mahr Federal Model 6910431, MarSurf M300 C Set includes the Cylindrical Drive Unit MarSurf RD 18C.
Cylindrical drive unit with hand prism and pick-up from the PHT series.  The RD 18 C unit is connected by cable to the evaluation unit and has the proven cylindrical size. Generally, the cylindrical drive unit is integrated in a hand prism, but can also be used without the hand prism.
The MarSurf m 300 C comes as a kit in a convenient carrying/storage case

  • The MarSurf 6910431 M 300 C Set is delivered in a convenient and handsome carrying case which includes:
    • Evaluation unit MarSurf M 300 C
    • Cylindrical drive unit MarSurf RD 18 C
    • Hand prism with height adjustable feet
    • Standard probe PHT 6-350
    • 1 chart paper roll
    • Probe protection
    • Tracer protection with slip-on vee
    • Wide-range mains plug with 3 adapters
    • 1 x USB cable (connectable on PC)
    • Allen key
    • Operating instructions
    • Measuring range of up to 350 µm (.014 in)
    • Automatic selection of filter and traversing length conforming to standards
    • Integrated memory for the results of up to 40,000 measurements and 30 profiles
    • 15 languages


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mahr m300 surface roughness tester

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