Mahr Digimar 817 CLM Height Gage 2D Height Measurement System


The Mahr 817 CLM Height Gage- 2D Height measurement system is available in either 14″/350MM, 24″/600mm, or 40″/1000mm.


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Mahr Digimar 817 CLM Features:

  • Operating and display unit
  •  Large and clearly defined touch display with backlighting
  • Operator guidance with self explanatory icons
  •  Multilingual user guidance
    •  Option of setting additional zero points on the workpiece
    • Additional measuring instrument can be connected via MarConnect
      USB port
      • Future-proof thanks to software updates
      • Automatic activation of standby mode
      • Selectable auto-off function, without loss of measured values
  • Measuring system
    • Optical incremental measuring
    system for outstanding measuring
    accuracy and reliability
    • Dynamic probe system enabling
    high repeatability
    • Air bearing system for light and
    smooth movement
    • Motorized measuring slide
    simplifies measurement runs
    • Probe constant remains after
    the instrument is switched off
    • Integrated rechargeable battery with a long operating life for mains-independent measurement
    • Temperature compensation via internal temperature sensor


  • Scope of delivery
    • Height measuring instrument
  • incl. operating and display
    • Carrier 817 h1
    • Measuring anvil K6/51
    • Setting gage 817 eb
    • USB cable
    • Operating instructions
    • Recharging unit
    • Protective cover
    • Calibration certificate


4429019 ts1 Probe Accessory Set consists of a carrying case for Probes, Disc Probe, Cylindrical Probe, Taper Probe
4429018 Probe Accessory Set consists of a carrying case for Probes, Disc Probe, Cylindrical Probe, Taper Probe and Spherical Probe to measure recesses as well as Probe M2 for MarTest Styli M2

Mahr Federal 817CLM Digimar Height Gage


• Top or bottom contacting
• Web width or distances between grooves, including center of web or groove
• Bore or shaft diameter, including center of bore or shaft
• Bore reversing point (up or down)
• Shaft reversing point (up or down)
• Calculating distances or symmetry
• Dynamic measuring functions
• Perpendicularity measurement
• Straightness measurement
• Measurement in 2D mode
• Measuring programs
• Measuring data processing

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