Mahr 300P Dial Snap Gages


Mahr 300P Dial Snap Gage

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Mahr 300P Snap Gages Features:

  • Patented “Channel Lock design assures precisely parallel anvil surfaces throughout the full 25 mm / 1 range of adjustment.
  • All Series 300P Snap Gages are fully adjustable with positive position locking at any point within the range.
  • 0.50 mm / .020“ Range of Sensitive Contact.
  • Snap Gages available over a wide range of sizes, styles, and readout configurations.
  • Large 15.5 mm / .61“ square tungsten carbide anvils provide flat, parallel, long lasting working surfaces ensuring precision that lasts.
  • Indicator can be rotated to read from front or rear of the gage.
  • Optional lift-lever model (301P) available for retracting the upper anvil.
  • All adjustments accomplished using a single hex wrench

Mahr 300P Dial Snap Gages

Download the Mahr 300P Snap Gages product information using the link below:


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