Mahr Federal MarSurf M300 Bluetooth Surface Roughness Tester


The MarSurf M300 Bluetooth portable surface roughness gage offers an integrated memory for up to 40,000 results or 30 profiles, as well as the functions of tolerance monitoring, vertical scale selection and the setting of unsymmetric intersection lines for peak count calculation.

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M300 Surface Roughness Tester kit includes:

  • Evaluation unit MarSurf M 300
  • Drive unit MarSurf RD 18
  • Standard probe PHT 6-350
  • Integrated roughness standard (in MarSurf RD)
  • Mahr calibration certificate
  • 1 chart paper roll
  • Height adjustment
  • End face vee-block
  • Probe protection
  • Tracer protection slip-on vee
  • 2 x USB cable (connectable on PC or drive unit)
  • Allen key
  • Power pack with 3 mains plugs
  • Operating instructions


Available Options

item Product Number
Marsurf M300 Surface Roughness kit includes PRN 10 Roughness Standard 6910431P
Marsurf M300 Surface Roughness 6910401

M300 Surface Roughness Gage:

      • Units µm/µinch selectable
      • Standards: ISO/ASME/JIS and MOTIF selectable
      • Automatic or adjustable scaling
      • Printing of R-profile (ISO/ASME/JIS), P-profile (MOTIF), material ratio curve, measuring record
      • Output of date and/or time of the measurements
      • Integrated memory for the results of up to 40,000 measurements and 30 profiles
      • Dynamic calibration function
      • Locking and/or password protection for instrument settings
      • Traversing speed: 0.5mm/sec
      • Measuring ranges: 350um (.014″)
      • Cut offs:(0.010/0.032/0.100 in) /(.25.8,2.5mm)
      • Traversing Lengths: (0.07,0.22,0.70 in) /( 1.75,5.6,17.5mm)
      • Travsersing length: DIN EN ISO 4288/ ASME B46.1: 1.75 mm, 5.6 mm, 17.5 mm (0.07 in, 0.22 in, 0.7 in) as per EN ISO 12085: 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm
      • Number of sampling lengths selectable from 1 to 5
      • Automatic selection of filter and traversing length conforming to standards
      • Phase-correct profile filter as per DIN EN ISO 11562
      • Short cutoff selectable
      • Parameters as per: DIN/ISO: Ra, Rq, Rz, Rmax, Rp, Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Rv, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr, RSm, Rsk
        JIS: Ra, Rz, RzJIS, Sm, S, tp, ASME: Rp, Rpm, MOTIF: R, Ar, Rx, W, CR, CL, CF
      • Tolerance monitoring in display and measuring record


Download the Mahr Federal Marsurf M300 Surface Roughness Tester information using the link below:



Download the Mahr Federal Marsurf M300 Bluetooth Surface Roughness Tester accessories by using the below link:


M300 Surface Roughness Tester accessories listed below. Call or email for pricing. (Ph: 866-945-5742 /  )

6111521 Pick-up PHT 3-350 for  measurements in bores
6850540 Pick-up extension PHT (80 mm)
6111522 Pick-up PHTF 0.5-100  for measurements on tooth flanks
6111525 Pick-up PHTR 100 for measurements  on concave and convex surfaces
6710803 Measuring Stand
6111524 Pick-up PHT 11-100 for grooves 2.5mm, 7.5mm deep


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