Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier


Mahr Millimar C 1208 compact amplifier with background lit display


Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier Features:

  • Static measurements ± A, ± B and all combinations
  • Dynamic measurements: Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, Mean
  • Auto-Detect-Mode.
  • 2 measuring instruments can be connected (Probe, Plug Gage…)
  • Programmable via the intergrated key pad or by RS232 interface in conjunction with the MS-Windows
  • Confguration Software
  • Background lit LCD-Display with an analog and a two line digital display
  • 5 three color status lamps for warning and tolerances limits
  • Up to 2 features can be simultaneously displayed
  • 2 inputs for inductive probes (alteratively compatible with probes from Mahr, Tesa, Mahr-Federal)
  • RS232 interface
  • 3 digital inputs for measuring start, master measurement, send measured values,…
  • 3 digital outputs for GO, NO GO, rework, measuring time,

Available Options

compatibility Product Number
Mahr Federal

Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier:

Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier

Download the Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier  product literature by using the link below:

Mahr Millimar C 1208 Amplifier

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