Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Tester


Measure the quality of your Champagne/Sparkling & Still wine corks with just one system!Designed in partnership with Oeneo Bouchage, one of the worlds leading cork manufacturers, the “Combi” Cork Extraction Tester performs two different tests; A torque based cork extraction test (Champagnes/Sparkling wine corks & spirit bottle stoppers) A straightforward cork pull-out test (Still wine corks)

Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Tester Features:

  • This versatile system enables you to test many different bottles
  • To the industry Champagne and Sparkling wine standard
  • Pull-out force to ISO standard 9727
  • Natural, synthetic corks and spirit bottle stoppers
  • Corks from different sized bottles
  • Emperor Software Compatible with Mecmesin’s data acquisition software

Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Tester:

  • Release torque and extraction force tester
  • Maximum load of 1000N (220lbf)
  • Maximum torque output 5N.m
  • Speed range of 1 – 1000mm/min (0.04 – 40″/min)
  • Rotational speed fixed ratio 15:1
  • Cork diameter size from 28mm to 35mm *
  • Sample bottle height from 250ml to 750ml
  • Standard Champagne cork release torque speed (900mm/min at 60rpm) preprogrammed into system

Download the Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Tester product information using the link below:

Mecmesin Combi Cork Extraction Tester



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