Mecmesin Gram Gage


The simplest way to measure low forces below 1000gf These handheld gages offer a very quick and easy method of measuring forces between 1 and 1000 grams force. Each gage is equipped with a slave pointer to indicate the peak reading – suitable for measuring very basic tests. For improved precision and test functionality, have a look at our Digital Force Gages.


Mecmesin Gram Gage Features:

  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise action
  • Peak hold function
  • Accuracy ±2% of full scale
  • Available in two sizes – DGD-1 to DGD-8 and also DGD-9
  • Very simple, portable and easy-to-use


Available Options

units Product Number
DGD-1 (1-5gf) #890-001
DGD-2 (2.5-15gf) #890-002
DGD-3 (10-50gf) #890-003
DGD-6 (50-200gf) #890-004
DGD-7 (50-300gf) #890-005
DGD-8 (100-500gf) #890-006
DGD-9 (200-1,000gf) #890-007

Mecmesin Gram Gage:

  • Dimensions – Models DGD-1 to DGD-8 Length: 92mm (3.6″), Width: 44mm (1.7″), Weight: 78g (0.17lb)
  • Dimensions – Models DGD-9 Length: 134mm (5.2″), Width: 56mm (2.2″), Weight: 173g (0.38lb)

Download the Mecmesin Gram Gage product literature by using the link below:

Mecmesin Gram Gage

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