Mecmesin MDD Manual Force Test Stand


An affordable manual test solution enabling fine positional control of the crosshead
This MDD manual test stand, operated via a handwheel, can be combined with any of Mecmesin’s digital force gauges to measure tension and compression up to 1000N. Add a height scale to measure displacement or use the MDD horizontally by adding a feet kit.


Mecmesin MDD Manual Force Test Stand Features:

  • Excellent positional control through handwheel operation
  • High precision (when used in combination with Mecmesin’s Advanced Force Gage)
  • Measures displacement through optional digital height scale
  • Compact and portable
  • Can be bench mounted for more ergonomic use
  • Capacity: 1000N (220lbf)
  • Crosshead travel (using digital gages) 380mm (15″)

Available Options

items Product Number
MDD Manual Test Stand #804-001
MDD Manual Test Stand Equipped with Height Scale #804-001-V08

Mecmesin MDD Manual Force Test Stand:

  • Height: 630mm (24.8″)
  • Width: 240mm (9.5″)
  • Depth: 230mm (9.1″)
  • Weight: 6kg (13lbs)

Download the Mecmesin MDD Manual Force Test Stand product information using the link below:

Mecmesin MDD Manual Force Test Stand



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