Mecmesin Vortex-d Motorized Torque Test System


The Mecmesin Vortex-d is a motorized torque test system for measuring static and rotary torque up to 10N.m. The Vortex-d can also be combined with the Mecmesin universal display to ensure that your results are repeatable and accurate.

Vortex Transducer Assembly *

Main unit doesn’t include transducer. Must choose from below

AFTI Display

Should be purchased with stand

Mecmesin Vortex-d Motorized Torque Test System Features:

  • User-friendly intuitive keypad interface
  • Flexible ‘Smart’ transducer selection
  • Precision speed controller
  • Top-loading Capability
  • RS232 data output
  • Combines with Mecmesin’s universal display (AFTI)
  • Compatible with Mecmesin’s data acquisition software

Mecmesin Vortex-d Motorized Torque Test System:

  • Measurement Range (1.5N.m loadcell): 0-1.5N.m
  • Measurement Range (6N.m loadcell): 0-6N.m
  • Measurement Range (10N.m loadcell) 0-10Nm
  • Speed Range: .1-20 revs/min
  • Display Resolution (torque): 1:5000 (e.g. 10N.m x .002N.m)
  • Peek Hold: 1st & ultimate peak capture at 2000Hz or 80Hz (user selectable)
  • Accuracy (torque): +/-.5% of full scale

Download the Mecmesin Vortex Motorized Torque Test System product information using the link below:

Mecmesin Vortex-d Motorized Torque Test System


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