Starrett 2900 Series IP67 Electronic Indicators


Starrett 2900 Electronic Indicators have Innovative True Absolute Sensor Technology to minimize the chance of data loss for exceptional reliability. Built with IP67 protection and customary Starrett quality.

True Absolute Sensor Technology – remembers position and zero set point even during battery replacement. Cannot be “over sped” into failure.

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Starrett 2900 Series IP67 Electronic Indicators Features:

  • Intuitive design and layout – easy to learn and use
  • Positive, tactile-feel button activation
  • Long battery life
  • CE compliant
  • Data output on all models
  • Choice of Basic, Standard and Advanced  feature levels
  • One micron resolution available
  • Selectable resolution models available
  • Fixed ratio measurement systems  available
  • Metric-only versions available
  • Compatible with 25 Indicator backs
  • IP67 Compliant


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starrett 2900 series digital indicator

starrett 2900

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Starrett 2900 Series Digital Indicator IP67


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