Starrett FMD Spring Test Dual Column System


Starrett FMD Spring Test Dual Column System.  The Starrett Spring Force System includes test frame, S2 Controller and software. (Force load cells sold separately)

The Starrett dual column spring force test system is available in the following capacities:

10kN (2250lbf)
30kN (6750lbf)
50kN (11,250lbf)


Load Cells

Applications – Spring Rate

Starrett has some of the best products available for customers who manufacture and use compression and extension springs. The spring market is huge and you have excellent, easy-to-use solutions for determining spring rate, as an example.  Spring rate is a slope based on the change in Load versus the change in Length or Height of the spring. Spring rate uses two points, which define the beginning and end of a slope line. Spring rate is the change in load (between the two points) divided by the change in length (the lengths at the two points). Or, spring rate is the delta Load divided by the delta Length. Using L2Plus software, when you have your graph, use the Delta Tool and determine the deltas for Load and Length. Then use the Formula tool to divide the delta Load by the delta Length. That’s the spring rate. L2Plus is fast, easy and reliable. Spring rate can also be performed using L2, S2 and L3 applications. L1 software does not calculate Spring rate. Sell Spring Testers

Available Options

Force Test Stand Capacity Product Number
6750lbf/30kN/3000kgf FMD-30K-S2
2250lbf/10kN/1000kgf FMD-10K-S2
11,250lbf/50kN/5000kgf FDK-50K-S2

starrett fmd spring force system

Click below to download the Starrett FMD Force Test System

starrett FMd



Two enhancements have been made to all test frames and all Lx software applications. Starrett improved and simplified the Firmware Update process. Just select the new firmware file and the update takes place as before, but we have provided feedback messages to indicate if a problem has occurred and the probable cause. This new firmware updater will apply to FMM, FMS, MMS, FMD and MMD test frames. We have a PINCH LOAD feature to the LOADS option in all Lx software. The PINCH LOAD provides a level of protection for users who are concerned about accidently pinching their hands/fingers during a manual movement of the crosshead using the jog keys or joy stick. PINCH LOAD is an option within the LOADS setting. Users can enter a load value, up to 50N (11lbf, 5kgf). When PINCH LOAD is enabled and the user is controlling the test frame via the jog key or joy stick in a DOWNWARD/COMPRESSION direction manually, the crosshead will decelerate to a full stop as quickly as possible when the PINCH LOAD value is measured. This means that some form of load measurement must be occurring and that load data is being measured by either a DFC gage in test mode, or by the L1 software controlling the FMM test frame. The PINCH LOAD option is located in the DFC force gage (TESTS option) and in L1, L2, S2, L2Plus and L3 software applications.


MLC-10K 03312     10000 2240 1000 150% 200 44.8 20 ±0.05% M16 x 2-4H Load Cell, 10kN (2248 lbf), Cylinder Type, for Material Testing
MLC-25K 03318     25000 5600 2500 150% 500 112 50 ±0.05% M16 x 2-4H Load Cell, 25kN (5625 lbf), Cylinder Type, for Material Testing
MLC-50K 03315     50000 11200 5000 150% 1000 224 100 ±0.05% M16 x 2-4H LOAD CELL, 50KN (11,240 lbf), CYLINDER TYPE,FOR MATERIAL TESTING

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