Starrett FMS Force Measurement Systems L2 / L2Plus


The Starrett FMS force measurement systems are single column, table-top testing systems that operate with our L2 Force Measure software; S2 Spring Test software; and L2 Plus Force Analysis software. L2 and S2 systems operate using a tablet computer and are ideal for high-volume, repetitive testing applications. L2 Plus systems operate using an all-in-one computer. The FMS test frames are available in four load capacities: 500N, 1kN, 2.5kN and 5kN. They can be used for tensile, compressive, cyclic, flexural, shear, creep and other common force measurement methods. FMS testers feature a granite base with all-metal columns and pre-loaded ball screws making them inherently stiff


Economy Style Load Cells S Beam style

Sealed Style S Beam Load cells

Premium Style Load S Beam Load Cells

Starrett FMS Force Measurement Systems L2 / L2Plus Features:

  • Ideal for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic and shear testing applications
  • Use with Starrett L2 Force Measure software or S2 Spring Measurement software on our Windows®-based tablet PC
  • Use with Starrett L2 Plus Force Analysis software on Starrett Windows®- based all-in-one computer
  • Superior frame stiffness and position control
  • MLC and FLC load cell sensors are IEEE 1451.4 compliant
  • supplied with a factory Certificate of Calibration
  • Data sampling from 5 to 1000 Hz
  • USB Communications
  • Wide selection of test fixtures and accessories
  • L2 Software basic force measurement functionality and reporting
  • L2 Plus software measure results using graphical representation, more advanced analysis

Available Options

Starrett Software Displays Product Number
L2 Tablet Display unit FMS-500-L2
L2 Tablet Display unit FMS-1000-L2
L2 Tablet Display unit FMS-2500-L2
L2 Tablet Display unit FMS-5000-L2
L2 Plus software FMS-500-L2P
L2 Plus software FMS-1000-L2P
L2 Plus software FMS-2500-L2P
L2 Plus software FMS-5000-L2P

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