Surface Plate Calibration Laser

This laser calibration system for surface plates is designed to be very easy to use to improve repeatability from one tech to the next. overall flatness value repeated to
25-30% faster than levels and the more points you take for each line segment, the faster it is.
The measurement interval is very flexible and can be varied from .375 in. to whatever dimension you want. With the standard levels, you are restricted to a minimum 4 in. spacing and if your plate won’t allow an even number of points, you have to “cheat” on the last point, which means that last point is actually meaningless since you “broke” the chain of measurements. i.e. with the level, it only works if you “walk it in its footsteps” where the back foot is moved to be over the front foot location for the next point. With our laser kit this will never happen since we are not measuring angle but displacement relative to the laser beam, so we can have whatever measurement increment that you want.

The software does the math for you and tells you the location for each point down to 1/16 of an inch. Also available is laser-fixture locating tools that set the laser fixture and straight edge at the correct spacing from the edge. So the only marking on the plate that you need to do is just the midpoint location on each outside edge.

wireless with Bluetooth communication and has over 13 hours of battery life.
resolution is 10 µin.
The basic kit with laser, target, laser fixture and target measuring base, software, straight edges and shipping case

Added benefit: you can use the kit to measure any line segment you want when you are lapping the plate. You don’t need to measure the whole plate. So if you find a plate is out of spec and want to lap it, you pick the worst line segment and start lapping the plate and then just measure that segment for flatness. You can also quickly measure the second worst line segment. If they look good, then you can measure the rest of the plate to confirm it’s good.

L-703SP Surface Plate Calibration Laser Brochure – Rev B

L-703SP Surface Plate Calibration – Lapping Quick-Check App Note – Rev A2

L-703SP Surface Plate Calibration System App Note – Rev A5

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