Tesa RugoSurf 10G Surface Roughness Gage (06930011)


TESA RUGOSURF 10G is a portable and versatile roughness gage that can be used in the workshop, for incoming inspection or in the laboratory. This heavy-duty hand-held tool offers a wide range of accessories and can be used in a number of applications that’s virtually unlimited. Measure roughness parameters according to ISO 4287: 1997 / JIS B0601:2001, DIN and ISO 12085:1998 (MOTIF or CNOMO).


Accessories (See below tab for more details)

Tesa RugoSurf 10G Surface Roughness Gage Features:

• TFT graphic color display for optimum visual representation, of the measured parameters and work pieces profiles, size 2″.
• Direct displaying of the measured values and computed profiles.
• 33 roughness parameters available.
• Wide autonomy through mains adapter or battery pack.
• Possible storage, output or transfer to a PC of the results obtained from at least 1000 measurements.
• Possible tolerancing of all parameter values.
• Multilingual function menus.
• RS 232 data output to a printer or a conventional PC equipped with RUGOSOFT 10 software (optional for both).

Tesa RugoSurf 10G Surface Roughness Gage includes:

• Roughness standard, nominal value Ra = 2.97 µm / 117 µin
• Rechargeable battery, 7.2V, 300 mAh, NiMH PP3 format
• Standard probe, type SB10
• Battery charger
• Adaptor for universal stand, 8mm diameter
• Positioning support


Tesa RugoSurf 10G Surface Roughness Gage :

  • Measuring range 0 + 300 µm / 0 + 12 µin
  • Resolution 0.005 µm / 0.02 µin
  • Cut-offs (Ic in in) 0.01 in 0.03 in 0.1 in
  • Total length (Im in in) 0.05 in 0.15 in 0.5 in
  • Traversing length  (Ic in in) 0.06 in 0.18 in 0.6 in
  • Possible selection of 2,3,4 or 5 cut-offs  for the measurement (length from 0.75 to 16 mm

Download the Tesa Rugosurf 10 product literature by using the link below:

Tesa Rugosurf 10g Surface Roughness Gage


Download the Tesa Rugosurf 10 accessories information by using the link below:

Tesa Rugosurf 10g Surface Roughness Gage Accessories

Rugosurf 10 accessories listed below.  Call or email for pricing (Ph: 866-945-5742/ sales@willrich.com)

06960035 RUGOSURF 10 STAND
06960033  Max printer 24 columns
06960034  Rugosoft 10 software W/CABLE
06960036  SB10 Standard probe for surfaces  and bores with diameters to >10 mm (external) or > 6 mm (internal)
06960037  SB20 Probe for grooves, max depth 5 mm
06960038  SB30 Probe for small bores from 4 mm dia.
06960039  SB40 Probe with V-skid for cables with external diameterto >1 mm.
06960040  SB50  Probe with front mounted contact skid for concave surfaces.  Ideal for 90° measurement
06960056  Extension, 100 mm long.
06960057  SP110 Probe for concave or convex surfaces, min. tip radius to 5 mm.
0690062  cable for RUGOSURF 90G to computer

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