Wenzel CORE Bright Light High Speed Scanning CNC CMM

The New CORE M High Speed Scanning Solution – CORE M is a measuring system developed to fulfi ll the increasing demand for 100% testing. Fast and efficiently it can be used right where manufacturing takes place – in production. The optical high speed scanning system is ideally adapted to the rough conditions of a direct production environment. CORE M is characterized by temperature stability, dirt and vibration resistance. High dynamic linear drives and the robust base machine of the 6-axis-measuring-system allows measurements at high speed. Quick point acquisition is ensured by the innovative optical high intensity light sensor made by WENZEL ScanTec; on components difficult to access as well as on highly refl ective surfaces; without time intensive repositioning of the part or pre-treatment of surfaces. CORE M has a measurement volume of 500 mm x 500 mm x 1500 mm and is therefore ideal for the measurement of large components. The comprehensive software package from WENZEL enables easy and fast evaluations even of complex parts like turbine blades fan blades and blisks.

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Wenzel CORE Bright Light High Speed Scanning CNC CMM Benefits:

  • As the system is Non-contact, faster measurements and shorter inspection times are possible. In recent tests performed against the latest technology tactile analogue scanning system, cycle times were at least 2½ times faster with preparation of reports 10 times faster. Cycle times on CoRE-DS would be 5 to 10 times faster than on traditional touch trigger probing systems.
  • Tool calibration times are extremely short on CoRE-DS. Most tactile touch trigger and particularly continuous scanning systems require considerably longer cycles (some customers require neatly one shift to calibrate tools). This means that the CoRE-DS is available for production measurement much more of the time.
  • With White-Light technology (point sensor), measurements on shiny surfaces are also possible without any form of surface treatment (powder spraying). This is an essential, time saving advantage to other optical systems (removing a complete process step), such as laser scanners and fringe projection technologies.
  • Small point diameter (50µm standard, 9µm possible on request) allows measurement of small features and very small radii down to 100µm.
  • All the usual reporting criteria for blade analysis will be possible, including profile measurement, graphical output of leading and trailing edge, chord evaluation, twist angle analysis and root and shroud values.
  • It has a small footprint, so it does not take up expensive production space and can be easily integrated into automatic systems.
  • Low energy costs have also been considered in the design of the equipment. The CoRE-DS will require no compressed air supply as it operates with linear bearings (construction similar to the popular Wenzel smartCMM). This will keep not only cost but maintenance to a minimum with no replacement air bearings needed often due to poor air quality in many shop floor situations.

CoRE-DS is the first of a new family of white light, shop-floor, high-speed scanning machines for measurement and evaluation of turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes (NGV’s), fans blades and blisks. The CoRE-DS allows fast and accurate measurement of the aerofoil and root form of small blades and NGV’s, as well as alleviating the problems associated with the use of tactile probing on these components.
The use of a white light source offers significant advantages over single wavelength (monochromatic) light systems such as ‘red’ laser light. Monochromatic light creates a random intensity pattern on a metallic surface (so-called “speckle” effect), which makes an accurate analysis very difficult, and on shiny surfaces, impossible. The white light avoids (by the laws of physics) this speckle effect due to its broad wavelength spectrum and allows precise measurements even on shiny surfaces. Designed to be used in a shop floor environment, CoRE-DS is a 5-axis system with X, Y and Z axes, high precision rotary table and a further rotary axis on the sensor itself.

The Wenzel ScanTec built sensor emits a white light beam with 50µm diameter. This enables very small features to be measured, such as 100µm radii in the root, the leading and trailing edge and the shroud; features which cannot be measured with current machines. An optional 9µm point diameter will also be available, for even finer measurements.

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Wenzel CORE CNC CMM Technical Specifications:

Wenzel CORE Bright Light High Speed Scanning CNC CMM Technical

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