Wenzel MobileScan3D Portable Laser Scanner

Wenzel MobileScan3D is a truly mobile CNC laser scanning solution allowing fully automatic reverse engineering and part inspection verification to occur. Its portability and rapid setup provides a unique opportunity to scan on location without the tedious and time consuming effort required by the current portable arm scanning solutions.

MobileScan3D from Wenzel ScanTec represents a productivity breakthrough for the reverse engineering sector. In addition, since the system offers full CNC automatic scanning, the accuracy of the acquired dataset is significantly enhanced over the same data acquired using portable arm systems and provides automatically structured and ordered data minimizing subsequent data “cleanup” and processing time.

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The Mobile CNC Measurement and 3D Scanning System MobileScan3D comprises of a 2 axis CNC swivel head providing B and C rotational axes; the scanning sensor is mounted to the swivel head using a “quick-change” adaptor minimizing changeover times between the three available sensors. Sensor variants have a measuring range of 100, 400 and 1000mm and a respective average laser line length of 43, 185 and 270mm. Scanning accuracy down to 10 microns can be achieved with the system.

The density of scanned lines can be controlled by programming the velocity of the B and C axes of the swivel head. Integral thermal sensors, with environmental control, ensure scanned data-set accuracy; the sensor body is manufactured from carbon fibre eliminating any thermal growth due to heat generated from the laser source. The sensor outer-casing is independently mounted allowing isolation from the sensor optics and electronics eliminating the potential for calibration errors caused by rough system handling during transit.

Wenzel MobileScan3D Portable Laser Scanner Benefits:

  • Absolute measuring system (not targets required)
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Fully-automatic Data Acquisition
  • Truly portable and mobile
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Eliminated human influence on acquired data

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Wenzel MobileScan3D Portable Laser Scanner Technical Specifications:

Wenzel Mobile 3D Scan Laser Technical

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Wenzel Mobile 3D Scan Laser – .PDF

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MobileScan3D – Video

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