Wenzel exaCT® M CT-Workstation

Designed with the customer in mind, the WENZEL exaCT® M CT-Workstation is an innovative concept superior to all other industrial CT scanners.

The exaCT® M CT-Workstation is a modular system with the ability to be configured to meet the requirements of a variety of measurement tasks. With a desk integrated into the exaCT® M CT-Workstation, the measuring and analyzing of a component are combined in an optimal way. Software, service, consulting and training are integrated, as well.

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Wenzel exaCT® M CT-Workstation Features:

  • Top-performance computed tomography workstations with small footprint
  • Precise, non-contact and non-destructive measurement for both the interior and exterior of components
  • Versatile volume measurement technology: One measurement yields multiple evaluations
  • Innovative detector technology
  • Precision mechanics from WENZEL
  • Exceptional operating ergonomics
  • Ease of use of the proprietary data acquisition, reconstruction and evaluation software
  • Flexible system concept and device variants for adapting to a wide range of customer requirements
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Low-maintenance


  • High-precision, granite-based linear guideways with air bearings
  • Roller-bearing or Air-bearing turntable bearings
  • High-resolution optical precision measuring systems
  • Calibration & Monitoring: VDI / VDE 2630 (Draft)
  • Full radiation protection chamber
  • Close to wall or middle of the room installation possible
  • Maintenance access lateral and at the front

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Wenzel exaCT® M CT-Workstation Technical Specifications:

WENZEL exaCT-m® CT Workstation CT Scanner various material types mid range part sizes Technical

Download the Wenzel exaCT® M CT-Workstation product information using the link below:

WENZEL exaCT-m® CT Workstation CT Scanner various material types mid range part sizes


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