Optical Comparators, Overlay Charts and Readouts

At Willrich Precision Instrument, a large selection of quality optical comparators and video measuring machines can be found in our inventory. Optical comparators are used by companies to evaluate surface features that can’t be seen by conventional instruments. These comparators provide exceptional edge-to-edge resolution and definition as well as uniformed magnification. Video measuring machines are used to perform non-contact inspection and measurement of small-sized intricate features on various parts. They can be considered as a natural step up from measuring microscopes. All in all, video measuring machines can provide long term reliability and accuracy that’s hard to find in other measuring products.

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Optical Comparators
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Starrett Horizontal Floor Standing Optical Comparators
Vertical Bench Model Optical Comparators
Video Measuring Machines

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Whether you are looking for edge defect sensors, shaft measuring stations, standing side bed comparators or profile projectors, you will find that the optical comparators and video measuring machines we carry are well suited for almost all types of industrial applications. With more than four decades of experience and partnership with leading brands in the metrology, inspection and gaging industry, we are constantly in search of products that are built to last and can deliver the performance that are expected from clients. To get expert assistance from our well-trained staff, simply call us at 866-945-5742 or email us at [email protected] today.