Metrology Education

Thread Gages Educational

How to Read a Micrometer                                        

Gagemakers Tolerance Chart                                                               Surface Roughness Paramaters

Thread Gage Pitch Diameter Chart                  Thread Gage Design and Thread Gages Designations

British Thread Gage information                                                   Tapered Pipe Thread Gages

Air Gaging Basics                                                                               Best Practices for Rockwell Hardness Testing

GR&R – Gage Reproducibility & Repeatability                                How to pick the correct plug gage size

Justify CMM Tech Paper                                                                      Hexalobular                                            

Precision, Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Traceability

Understanding Fixed Limit Gauging – Go and Nogo Gauges

Understanding Millionths of an Inch


Geometric Symbols and Definitions

Force and Torque Conversions (Units of measure)

ACME Thread Gages vs Stub Acme Thread Gages

Hardness Testing-power point