50 Years Celebration Testimonials


“I have worked with Willrich for many years. They offer a knowledge base and advice in gaging that is second to none. A trustworthy organization that has their customers’ best interest at heart at all times.”


“Congratulations to Willrich Precision on an incredible milestone! I’ve dealt with Willrich for over 20 years and value the persons there as my go to team. The transparency and solutions they provide have always had a positive impact to my business. Looking forward to many more great years working as part of our support team.”


“For 30 Years working on Quality Control, Production & Engineering & when it comes to mechanical gages & instruments there’s only one source which provides excellent service, dependable & trusted company & that is WILLRICH. WILLRICH provides an extensive variety & wide range of measuring equipment & devices for our inspection needs & metrology, from basic mechanical gages to the most sophisticated piece of measuring devices, contact & noncontact instrument. For Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) our company relies on WILLRICH with fair & competitive pricing & prompt & expedite delivery. WILLRICH is unparalleled to others from Engineering Development support, inspection solution & metrology education. WILLRICH the trusted source for precision measurements you can count on.”


“I have worked with Willrich for almost 15 years. Their customer service is second to none!! No matter when I would call, they were always there for me. No matter what I needed (calibration tools, hand tools, design of gages) they could get them for me, and in a timely fashion. They would demo any piece of equipment that I asked for. They would take time to sit and train as much as needed. Every company I have worked for Willrich is the first supplier I reach out to for all my needs.”


“I have been doing business with Willrich Precision for 20 years via different companies & the service has been stellar regardless of the request: Acknowledgement of request on a quote within 24 hrs Quotes within 48 hrs, On time delivery, Demo’s always available, Support always there, Communication is extensive, Pricing is always very competitive I have been doing business with Willrich precision for this long as they understand customer’s needs and would not sell you items that you don’t need. Along with great support & follow up Willrich Precision is always there!”


“First, Congratulations on your team’s 50th anniversary, you get to 50 years by providing excellent customer service and support. Service and support that we rely on for our calibration and measurement needs. Our Quality team always considered Willrich Precision a partner when we have unique measuring situations, and on every occasion, Willrich has been able to provide a solution.”


“Congratulations, it’s been a pleasure to have your company as a valued supplier. Thank you for your support.”


“There is no substitute for the type of honesty and thoroughness you exhibit, (professionalism). I have always appreciated that.”

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