Product Spotlight: Mitutoyo Profile Projector PV-5110

Mitutoyo Profile Projector PV-5110

Profile projectors are a type of optical instrument that is often utilized to measure small parts in a production line or a machine shop. Common users include quality control inspection teams. Also known as optical comparators, this type of projector is also used in various industries, including research and development, instrumentation, electronics, watchmaking, aerospace industry, aviation industry, etc. So, how do they work? As the product’s name suggests, the projector works by magnifying the profile of a specimen that’s being measured. The projector then displays the image on the built-in projection screen.

If you are looking to get a measuring instrument that enhances the efficiency of comparing and measuring contour models, threads, cams, gears, and other complex shape stampings, you can never go wrong with using profile projectors. In this product spotlight, you will learn more about the Mitutoyo Profile Projector PV-5110. Let’s find out more in this post!

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Top Tips To Choosing The Most Effective Workholding Solution

workholding solutions

To ensure you capture accurate data and calculations, it is essential that the workholding solution you use is up to the job. Some inferior or cheaper workholding equipment may not be able to withstand the pressure put on them during manufacturing at high speeds. There are many different solutions available, including a bespoke or customized workholder.

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Can 3D Scanning Tech Be Used For Roller Coaster Accident Prevention And Maintenance?

3D scanning

Most people have experienced the thrill of a fairground ride or roller coaster. The fear and adrenaline are something that is hard to replicate in any other way. So, when we consider the mechanical and engineering design of the ride, how can we be sure it is as safe as it can possibly be? In the past, the individual components and design has been soundly tested to ensure that the ride is structurally sound, and many tests and simulations are invented and applied to try to account for any eventuality. In addition, they are routinely tested every single day before use to ensure there is no mechanical fault or wear. So, how can 3D scanning help?

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Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Machine Vision System Capabilities?

artificial intelligence machine vision system

We have been using robotic energy and services for years for a variety of manufacturing practices However, as artificial intelligence continues to improve, we are starting to tap into its capabilities to use it in a more productive way. The benefit of learning-based image analysis is a greater inspection capability and machine vision with less errors or flaws than human judgement. Smoother and more accurate operations lead to an increase in productivity and more profit.

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Product Spotlight: Willrich Precision’s Contract Inspection Services

contract inspection

At Willrich Precision, we are a trusted provider of contract inspection services for CMM equipment. Our expertise covers the certification and inspection of production fixtures, gaging, and tooling. You can rest assured that we also possess a wealth of standards at our disposal. Our team is capable of measuring parts and fixtures of all resolutions, accuracies, and complexities. If you are looking for an expert that is well-versed on facilitating capability studies, Willrich is the answer! Let’s find out more about our company and our contraction inspection services!

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Get A Grip On Hand-Held Measuring Instrument Errors

hand held measuring instrument

The main function of a force gage is quite simply to measure any force in a push-pull test. These tests are generally carried out by the engineering field, laboratories or the design field for specific instruments. There are digital and mechanical force gages available and although either hand-held measuring instrument are designed to give an accurate reading, there are times when their readings may show minor errors.

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What You Need To Know About Starrett’s New Digital Force Testers

Starrett FMM Digital Force Tester

L.S. Starrett Co. recently introduced a new line of motorized digital test frames designed for a great array of force-testing, in-situ manufacturing, high-volume, and basic applications. These applications included friction, shear, flexural cyclic, compression, and tension. The latest series of products is called Starrett FMM digital force testers. They are also part of Starrett’s brand new L1 line of computer-based, entry-level, force measurement solutions. These testers are optimized for quality control testing and production. L1 systems feature an innovative architecture and are versatile enough to provide reliable and repeatable operation. Let’s find out more about Starrett’s new digital force testers:

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Learn The Basics Of Toolmakers Microscopes

toolmakers microscopes

What are toolmakers microscopes? For starters, they are multi-functional devices that can be found in a wide range of manufacturing facilities involved in the manufacturing of tools, electronics, and machines. They are also easily identifiable by their robust base and being capable of facilitating a great array of measurement and observation procedures. If you are new to toolmakers microscopes, read on to find out more about the basics of this stellar equipment!

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An Introduction To FARO’s CAM2 2018 3D Measurement Software Platform

FARO's CAM2 2018 3D Measurement Software Platform

FARO is a full-service, portable coordinate measuring solution provider. They are an advocate of high-accuracy. The company has announced the recent release of their CAM2 2018 software platform. The platform is specifically designed to help users realize the highest level and value of performance with all FARO metrology products. In addition, that realization spreads across metal-fabrication, machine tools, aerospace, and automotive industries. Let’s find out more about FARO and its new 3D measurement software platform.

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