Product Spotlight: FP-4USB FlexPort Gage Interface

FP-4USB FlexPort Gage Interface

Gage interfaces are designed to help individuals transfer data directly into MS Excel or into an SPC software. At Willrich Precision, we understand that it can be a challenging or confusing task in getting the correct gage interface equipment for your needs. That’s why we offer an array of gage interface boxes and gage interface cables to all our valued clients. If you are looking to get the FP-4USB FlexPort Gage Interface, you have come to the right place. Our FlexPort Gage Interface is easy to set up and use. You will be able to control the flow of information to your PCs, and make data collection an error-free and simplified process.

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What You Need To Know About Strain Measurement Errors

strain measurement

Strain measurement is capable of resolving one PPM (one part in a million) or more. This is because of the exacting controls and standards under which each strain gage is manufactured. Some of the principal measurement errors arise from the manner in which the strain gage sensor is installed and measurement is taken. Let us take a look at some of these.

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Essential Tools To Have For CNC Machine Shop Owners

CNC machine shop

The science of measurement is known as metrology and the application of its principles plays a pivotal role throughout production process in CNC machining. This is done to make sure that each and every part is machined to the right shape and size.  Measuring dimensions of a CNC machine part with tight tolerances can be difficult. Depending on the quality, quantity and the type of work they do, there are distinct set of metrology tools in every CNC machine shop. Here are a few you should have, if you are an owner.

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Do You Know How To Set A Dial Bore Gage?

dial bore gage

A vernier or dial bore gage directly measures a bore. It has 3 symmetrical anvils protruding from the gauge body that are linked to the micrometer mechanism. With the rotation of the knob, the anvils move in and out with respect to the measurement. To increase reliability and take the feel out of the device, the knob has a slipping mechanism.

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Are You Well-Equipped To Handle All Measuring Tasks


Measuring tasks should be carried out with accuracy and precision in order to achieve top-notch production related quality assurance. In addition to that, the measuring instrument should have enough flexibility to give accurate results.  If a measuring device is employed for a large number of applications instead of just measuring tasks, expensive devices can be saved.

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Understanding The Evolution Of Tolerances In The Aerospace And Automotive Industries


Times have changed. The same goes for manufactured parts produced by the aerospace and automotive industries. Their complexity grows each year and that is why tolerances that must meet metrology and quality control standards are now increasingly optimized and sophisticated. What’s more, a growing number of clients are requesting their suppliers to ensure their own compliance control aka GD&T is up to required standards. Compliance control was previously a mere input control sample designed to assess a lot’s compliance.

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Purchasing The Right Coordinate Measuring Machine For Your Needs

Coordinate Measuring Machine

A CMM or coordinate measuring machine plays a very important role not just in the world of quality control procedures but also when it comes to parts inspection. Since quality control and inspection are two of the determining factors as to whether a product will meet customer requirements or not, tools like the CMM will be very much essential in the process. If you have finally decided to buy a CMM to help you with then here are tips on how you can make sure you will be able to buy one that suits your needs.

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Product Spotlight: Phase II PHT-5100 Digital Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester

Phase II PHT-5100 Digital Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester

The barcol impressor hardness test is applied to measure the hardness of soft materials like duro plastics, hard thermo plastics, aluminum, glass-reinforced plastics, semi finished, and finished products. The tests are characterized by the indentation hardness of materials. The barcol hardness test is done to determine how much a plastic or resin has cured. Manufacturing industries prefer this method of testing in order to ensure that they get the right quality of composite materials for their products.

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