At Willrich Precision, we carry a comprehensive range of profile and shaft measurement tools that offer excellent performance and great reliability. If you need to gather profile measurements of a cross section of the surface of a sample part or shaft. The instruments in this section will provide a two-dimensional plot of the surface and display any deviations across a flat plane. This way you can determine whether to rectify a part if it shows any surface imperfections or protrusions.

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Popular Profile and Shaft Measurement Brands We Carry

  • Mahr Federal
  • Oasis
  • Fowler
  • … and more!

Popular Products for Profile and Shaft Measurement

  • Fowler-Sylvac Scan 50 54-902-550-0s
  • Mahr Federal MarShaft Scopes Plus Variants
  • Mahr Helio-Scope Optical Measuring Systems

Shop for Profile and Shaft Measurement Products at Willrich Precision Instrument

Founded in 1971, our company is recognized as market leader in precision measurement instrumentation. At Willrich Precision, you can find one of the largest selections of precision measurement instruments, including profile and shaft measurement products. As quality is our passion, we assure you that the products we carry are made to the highest standard of workmanship, and nothing less.

What’s more, the profile and shaft measurement products we carry come with fantastic features such as integrated touch screens, zoom functions and more. Need to measure small details? No worries, we got your back. Need to stay on budget? You came to the right place. Our profile and shaft measurement products are priced very competitively, ensuring you clinch the best deals. Start browsing through our inventory now and source for profile and shaft measurement products with ease.

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