Fowler Sylvac SCAN S25T 54-902-025-5 item# 549020255

Unmatched for measuring solution for cylindrical parts!
Fowler Sylvac SCAN S25T is the newest model of optical measuring systems.  Fowler Sylvac SCAN offers high resolution and accuracy. Great for FAST measurement of small cylindrical parts up to 26mm diameter and 200mn in
length, such as, watch parts, dental implants, bone-screws, automotive, aerospace and general cylindrical parts where inspection time and accuracy matters.

Fowler Sylvac SCAN S25T comes with tilt axis, for comprehensive thread measurement, capable of measuring threads with helix angles up to 30°.

Delivered automation ready, with a motorized tailstock for automated clamping, quick release tooling, external I/O connectivity and communication protocols.
Easy to use, with an all new operator touch screen interface panel, offering intuitive operation directly on the shop floor, with one click automatic measurement and part recognition.

Measuring Range: 26mm Diameter200mm Length
Resolution: 0.0001mm Diameter, 0.0001mm Length
Accuracy: (0.9 + D[mm]/100) Diameter, (2.5 + D[mm]/200) Length
Repeatability: 0.4mm Diameter0.8mm Length
Holding Capacity: 51mm Diameter, 200mm Length
Tilt Axis: 30°
Headstock: High precision rotary
Tailstock: Motorized
Max. Part Weight: 2 kg.
Machine Weight: 60 kg.
Machine Dimension: Width 450mm, Height 590mm, Depth 520mm




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