3 Functions of Fowler Bowers XT Holematic Groove Sets

We are excited to introduce the Fowler Bowers XT Holematic Groove Sets. These sets are designed to meet the demands and challenges of internal groove diameter measurement, offering exceptional precision and reliability.

The main 3 functions of the Fowler Bowers XT Holematic Groove Sets include:

  1. Fast and efficient measurements: with self-centering, 3-point heads, these sets provide exceptional repeatability. Additionally, they offer a resolution of 0.00005″/.001mm, ensuring accurate measurements and direct in/mm conversion.
  1. These groove sets cover a wide range of diameters: from 1/4″ to 4″ or 6 – 100mm, making them suitable for various applications. They also come with error-free Bluetooth data transfer, ensuring seamless connectivity for data sharing and analysis.
  1. Built to withstand harsh environments: the XT Holematic Groove Sets are IP67 protected against fluids and dust. This durability ensures reliable performance even in challenging production environments.

To cater to diverse needs, the XT Holematic Groove Sets include anvil profiles that suit common groove sizes. They also come with depth stops and UKAS-certified setting rings for accurate and standardized measurements. Furthermore, if your application requires special sizes, profiles, or depth extensions, Willrich can provide tailor-made solutions to measure any bore feature.

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by George Chitos