Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation

The Wenzel exaCT® S is the latest in a new generation of industrial CT technology from WENZEL Volumetrik.

More powerful and precise than its competitors, the exaCT-s® is both low-maintenance and compact in design. An ideal solution for the volume measurement of small components, the exaCT-s’s® high-resolution allows a detailed analysis ranging from micro measurements to micro material testing. Customizable, the modular design makes it possible to configure the machine to meet customer requirements.

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Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation Features:

  • Ergonomic Desktop Design
  • High Precision Rotary Table
  • 130kV Maintenance-free X-Ray Source
  • Full Radiation Protection
  • Upgradeable X-Ray Source


  • High-precision, granite-based linear guide-ways
  • Roller-bearing or Air-bearing turntable bearings
  • High-resolution optical precision measuring systems
  • Voxel Resolution: 5µm – 40µm
  • Calibration & Monitoring: VDI / VDE 2630 (Draft)
  • Full radiation protection chamber
  • Tabletop installation
  • Maintenance access at the front

Control Software – The exaCT-s® comes complete with WENZEL Volumetriks’s own software, designed to control a number of functions:

  • Hardware Control
  • CT Measurement Preparation
  • CT Flow Control
  • On-line radioscopy analysis and parameter determination
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Voxel Data handling and visualization
  • Generation of surface data
  • Segmentation with curvature visualization
  • IGES – CAD Import
  • Nominal / Actual value comparison with colour coded visualization
  • Cut and point measurement
  • Result output and reporting module

In addition, further software is provided that will enable volume analysis for 3D reconstruction:

  • High-precision reconstruction suitable for measurement analysis
  • Modular parallelized system
  • Hardware that is both retrofittable and extendable

If you are interested in purchasing an exaCT-s® CT Workstation, Contact Us for information or to receive a quote.

Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation Technical Specifications:

Wenzel exaCT-s CT Workstation CT Scanner designed for small components Technical

Download the Wenzel exaCT® S CT Workstation product information using the link below:

Wenzel exaCT-s CT Workstation CT Scanner designed for small components


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