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About Mitutoyo

As the world’s number one metrology firm, Mitutoyo is committed to creating and producing high-quality precision measurement instruments. The company had humble beginnings, with its founder, Yehan Numata, starting his business with only one product, the micrometer. Numata’s primary goal was to create and sell a micrometer that was not only reliable but also affordably priced. Following its success, Mitutoyo then began to invest in research and development, eventually expanding into selling other mechanical indicators such as calipers, all while maintaining its philosophy of economical pricing. Here at Willrich Precision, we gladly stock a large amount of Mitutoyo’s precision measurement instruments.

Popular Mitutoyo Products to Choose From

  • Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Surface Roughness Tester

The Mitutoyo SJ-210 Series 178, is a surface roughness tester that is not just extremely accurate but also has quick measurement speeds. Even better, it features many innovative modes and functions making it one of the best of its kind for surface inspection. This model is a Standard type Drive unit equipped with a 4mN measuring force detector. It can be easily operated via the buttons located under the sliding cover near the front of the device whose internal memory can store 10 measurements as well as one measured profile.

  • Mitutoyo Laser Scan LSM-500S Micrometer (.0002″ -.080″) 64PKA117

The Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-500S is a laser micrometer with a wide range of features making it very functional. Firstly, it is able to measure down to 5um outside a diameter, and also can provide extremely high accuracy levels of approximately 0.3um across an entire measuring field. In addition, it is also quick to take down readings, with a rapid speed measurement rate of 3200scans per second. Finally, due to its nature, it is versatile and can be used under many circumstances, such as for objects that are prone to vibration or high-speed lines.

  • Mitutoyo Litematic Series 318 Measuring Unit

The Litematic Series 318 Measuring Unit by Mitutoyo is a measuring unit that comes with a Litematic Head. The device is designed to help aid in measuring workpieces that are pliable or prone to deformity as well as small parts that are high-precision including thin-wall bearings, pin gages, springs, and plastic parts. This device is also inclusive of SPC Output

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