Micro Ridge

Micro Ridge has been in the business for nearly four decades and was founded in 1983. One of their notable achievements included being the first to introduce portable lumber size control systems to the timber industry. The company is also a renowned designer and manufacturer of a broad variety of wireless and wired measurement collection solutions. Some of these solutions include MobileCollect wireless, WedgeLink hardware, and more. You can also rest assured that their products are made in the United States and support a wide spectrum of height gages, micrometers, scales, digital indicators, and more. At Willrich Precision, we carry the latest Micro Ridge mobile collect bases and more.

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Popular Products from Micro Ridge

Willrich Precision is a trusted retailer of high quality Micro Ridge products. Some of the top Micro Ridge solutions that we carry include:

  • Wireless Mobile Collect Bases

Shop at Willrich Precision for Micro Ridge Products

The wireless mobile collect bases found in Willrich Precision supports the measurement of most digital and RS-232 handheld gages, including digital indicators, micrometers, and more. That’s why you will realize that many of the products we stock in our inventory are well suited for almost all types of industrial applications.

With more than four decades of experience and partnership with leading brands in the metrology, inspection and gaging industry, we are constantly in search of products that are built to last and can deliver the performance that are expected from clients.

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