Brown & Sharpe Depth Caliper Twin-Cal IP67


TWIN-CAL calipers are made with a built-in output connectivity feature. Just connect the “plug and play connector to the caliper and the USB to a computer with DATA-DIRECT software. All measuring data can be easily retrieved and analyzed for SPC monitoring.

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Brown & Sharpe Depth Caliper Twin-Cal IP67 Features:

  • Short cut measuring face
  • Highest IP67 protection against dust and liquids, even when connected by cable
  • Largest LCD screen ever with 7/16 IN digits
  • More than 12,000 hours battery life (3 years)
  • ABS measuring mode
  • Unique TWIN & LINK wireless connectivity built into every TWIN-CAL caliper
  • Featuring «Soft touch» for a better grip and maximum sensitivity
  • Stainless steel plate cover with PVD deposit ensuring an optimal protection of the housing

ISO-17025 Certification

Options & Accessories

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