Brown & Sharpe Digital Tool Set 00591003


The Brown and Sharpe 00591003 comes with the 0-1.2″ Micromaster Micrometer (599-100) and the 0-6″ Dura-Cal IP67 (0590301).  The micrometer has an accuracy of .0001″ on outside diameter measurements.  While the caliper features .001″ accuracy on OD Measurements and .0015″ on ID measurements.

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Brown & Sharpe Digital Tool Set 00591003 Features:

  • Patented electronic measuring system
  • Display digits enlarged to 1/4" high for easier reading
  • Automatic shut-off extends battery life
  • Meets or exceeds applicable Federal and DIN standards
  • Complete in a fitted molded case

Brown & Sharpe Digital Tool Set 00591003:

Micromaster Micrometer

  • Tungsten carbide anvil and spindle measuring faces
  • Provides absolute and differential modes
  • Spindle lock
  • Webbed thimble with slip friction drive
  • Range: 0-1.2″/0-30mm
  • Resolution: .00005″/1μm

Dura-Cal IP67 Caliper 

  • Full protection from oil and coolant splashes,as well as solid particles
  • Encapsulation of the main components prevents dust, particles of metal, spraying liquids from entering the caliper
  • New electronic measuring system protected from liquids and immune to magnetic fields

Download the Brown & Sharpe Digital Tool Set 00591003 product information using the link below:

Brown & Sharpe Digital Tool Set 00591003

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