Brown & Sharpe Tesa-Hite Plus M400/M700 Motorized


The Brown & Sharpe TESA-HITE Plus m is available with or without a printer. TESA-HITE Plus m offers increased accuracy, a built in air cushion, and a new ergonomically designed control panel providing geometric functions for 1D and 2D measurement. All TESA-HITE height gages offer a generous 400mm and 700mm measuring span and their electronics are completely protected against liquid and dust penetration. Automatic diameter measurements can be taken using TESA’s
patented system for determining the culmination point and TESA-HITE height gages make it easy to capture parallelism errors.

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Brown & Sharpe Tesa-Hite Plus M400/M700 2D Height gauges that offer a wide range of functions and an unparalleled price / performance ratio.


•Motorized Height Gage
•Wide application range
•Electronics fully protected against the penetration of liquids or dust particals.
•Built-in air cushion
•New control panel with erganomic design
•Easy-to-use, intuitive power control
•Geometric functions for 1D or 2D measurements
•Automatic programming and generation of the measurement cycles.
•Statistical data processing
•Opto-electronic TESA measuring system
•SCS calibration certificate  provided  free of charge






Brown & Sharpe Tesa-Hite Plus Height Gage:

  • Max. perm. error (2.5+3 L) µm (L in m)/ (0.0001+0.000003L) in ( L in in)
  • Repeatability m/2s=<0.00005 in (flat surfaces) : m/2s=<0.0001 in (inside bores)
  • Resolution .00001 / .0001 / .001 in / .0.0001 / 0.001 / 0.01 mm
  • Max. deviation in perpendicularity (frontal) 8 µm /0.00031 in 12 µm /0.00047 in
  • Displacement speed 600mm/s
  • Measuring force 1.0 N ±0.5 N (acoustic signal)

Download the Brown & Sharpe Tesa Hite product information by using the link below:

Brown and Sharpe TESA-HITE PLUS M 400 700 Motorized




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