Brown & Sharpe Tesa Veribor Bore Gages


Brown & Sharpe Veribor Bore GagesThe best choice for the detection of roundness errors. No mechanical play due to circular reversing element. VERIBOR can be used with dial indicator, digital indicator or an inductive probe and TESATRONIC display.

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Brown & Sharpe Veribor Bore Gages Features:

  • High precision (max. permissible errors 0.00008 in,
  • repeatability: 0.00002 in), two-point measurement of inside diameters.
  • Invar steel body and plastic hand grip ensures high stability and no effect from temperature
  • Centering shoe for correct alignment of the instrument into the bore
  • Tungsten carbide tips for high resistance to wear


Model#      Range

57.10012 .177-.236″
57.10013 .236-.472″
57.10014 .472-.984″
57.10015 .984-1.97″
57.10016 1.97-5.91″
57.10017 9.44-21.7″
57.10018 1.97-11.81″

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