Clark Instrument ARS-10K Testing System Vickers or Knoop

ARS-10K is a fully automatic testing system capable of programming, indenting, viewing and recording in one convenient location. By configuring the ARS-10K to your specifications, the CM-Series performs Micro indentations from 1-1000gf in either Vickers or Knoop; or both using the optional dual indenter, while the CV-Series performs Macro/Vickers indentations from 0.3-50kgf. For accuracy and productivity, the ARS-10K is the perfect all-in one system.

Avaiable Models: CM ARS-10K ,CV ARS-10K

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: [email protected] for more information.

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Clark Instrument ARS-10K Testing System Features:

  • Auto-measure by selecting your programmed pattern (indent, focus, read, record)
  • Various measurement patterns (straight, zigzag, circle, line set, random)
  • Instant HV hardness displayed on chart after measurements on carbonized layer
  • Upper/lower safety switches on Z-axis prevent damage to indenter and objectives
  • Various data outputs available – Measurement data, hardness distribution chart, case depth, max. value, min. value, mean value, dispersion standard deviation, coefficient of variation, OK-NG criteria, conversion data, etc.

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