Clark Instrument CV-800 Series Macro Vickers Tester

The CV-800 Series Macro Vickers Tester offers the advantage of testing materials that are extremely soft to ultra hard all on the same scale. Tests are precise and accurate, quick and easy due to exceptional engineering and craftsmanship. The CV-800 Series is a top quality tester, and when combined with the available automated system (ARS), is flexible enough to grow with your needs.

Available Models: CV-100/CV100AT ,CV-400/CV-400AT, CV-800/CV-800AT

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: [email protected] for more information.

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Clark Instrument CV-800 Series Macro Vickers Tester Features:

  • Built in dial-a-weight system easily changes from load to load.
  • Advanced microcomputer with LCD touch panel display (CM-700/CM-700AT)
  • Automated test sequence performs easy hands-free loading operation
  • Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and fracture toughness (Kc) testing (CM-700/CM-700AT)
  • Fine measuring lines in microscope provide accurate indent readings
  • Turret allows up to 3 different objectives attached at once (4 on CM 700)
  • Unique light source with interchangeable color filters for clear viewing
  • Certified and ready to use

Clark Instrument CV-800 Series Digital Macro Vickers Tester Technical Specifications:

  • Loading Mechanism: Automatic loading and releasing method
  • Turret Mechanism: Automatic/Manual
  • Object Lens Mounting: Manual/Auto Type A: 10X/Type B: 10X & 20X (optional: max. 3 lenses)
  • Magnification of Microscope: Type A:100X — Type B:100X & 200X
  • Max. Measuring Length: 100X: 800μ m – 200X: 400μ m
  • Min. Graduation Micrometer: 0.5 μ m – Digital: 0.1μ m
  • Min. Measuring Unit Eye Judgement: 0.1μ m – Digital: 0.1μ m
  • Max. Height and Depth: 8.25 ” x 6.5″ (210 X 165 mm)
  • Optical Function: Changeable field aperture / Changeable numerical aperture / Changeable color filter
  • Accuracy Conforms to ASTM – E92
  • Dimensions: Aprx. 195 x 517 x 690 mm
  • Weight: Aprx. 121 Lbs.
  • Power Supply: Single phase 115 VAC / AC 100~240V 50/60HZ

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