Diatest – E1-T Slimline Bore Gage Set – (.0185 to 0.137″ Range) – Bore depths 3.5″ & deeper


Manufacturer: Diatest
Item Number: E1-T-RE1-T

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Diatest - E1-T Slimline Bore Gage Set - 0.0185 to 0.137" for bores with depths 3.5 “ and deeper

Slimline Probes are the same as Diatest Standard Split Ball type bore gages, except they are made to accommodate small diameter bores with depths 3.5 “ and deeper

  • No Other Bore Gaging System has the Versatility or Range of Small Sizes (0.0185 to 0.137")
  • The modular design with extensive accessories enables gauging of most common bores.
  • This allows a use for serial and individual control as well as preferentially in the plant directly at the production machine.In addition to bore measurement, DIATEST split-ball probes can detect geometrical shape defects such as ovality, concentricity, barrel-shape, etc.
  • Repeatability (standard split-ball probes): manual gauging ca. 1 μm, gauging in stand < 0.5 μm

Set No. E1-T Slimline Set contains:

  • (6) T-T-Split Ball Probes ranging from 0.081 thru 0.167”
  • (2) T-T- Standard Needles
  • (1) TV-2-64  2.5’ Depth Extension Standard holder
  • MH6-51, for 8mm Stem Indicators MU-01Z .0001” Grad.
  • Indicator Wrenches SW7-G and SW1,7-2-3-G.
  • Wooden box with range chart (space for setting rings is left)

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