Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer


The EDXtreme dynamometer is an extremely configurable force measurement instrument. It is available with optional radio. A radio-ready EDXtreme dynamometer can be remotely viewed and controlled by a Dillon Communicator. Serial cable connects easily to recessed connector on rear of instrument. The EDXtreme may be configured with or without shackles


Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer Features:

  • Improved backlight intensity
  • Lift and store of weight / force
  • Date and time
  • Continuous data storage
  • Re-calibration reminder
  • Can communicate with two Communicators via radio

Available Options

items Product Number
Standard awt05-506312
Standard awt05-506313
Standard awt05-506314
Standard awt05-506315
Standard awt05-506316
Radio Ready awt05-506302
Radio Ready awt05-506303
Radio Ready awt05-506304
Radio Ready awt05-506305
Radio Ready awt05-506306
Radio Ready awt05-506307
Radio Ready awt05-506308
Radio Ready awt05-506309
Radio Ready awt05-506310
Radio Ready awt05-506311

Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer:

  • Dramatically improved batterlife in the EDXtreme link
  • Dramatically improved radiocommunications distance
  • High speed Peak Capture 10/100/1,000 Hz
  • Overload at 120% with date and time record

Download the Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer product information using the link below:

Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer

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