Dorsey Metrology BGD Bench Gages


BG Series bench gages are universal depth or flush pin gages used to check depths, lengths, face concentricity, or locations



Dorsey Metrology BGD Bench Gages Features:

  • Basic fixtures and nesting rests, and holding devices can be adapted and interchanged
  • The BG Direct bench gage utilizes various models of a dial or digital indicators
  • The indicator is protected from damage as it is enclosed beneath the gage itself.
  • The bench gage rest plate is 3″ x 5″ hardened and ground steel which has a series of threaded holes
  • Special nesting rests or holding fixtures and clamps can be mounted to orient parts for measurement of specific dimensions
  • Table below list available configurations and options for BG Direct bench gage.
    BG Direct Bench Gage Options

Available Options

item Product Number
BGD Direct w/Steel Contact & 1" Range, .001" Grad Indicator BGD
BGD Direct w/Steel Contact & Less Indicator BGD-NI
BGD Direct w/Set of Steel Contacts & Indicator BGD-Set
BGD Direct w/Set of Steel Contacts & Less Indicator BGD-SETNI

Dorsey Metrology BGD Bench Gages:

Dorsey Metrology BGD Bench Gages

Download the Dorsey Metrology BGD Bench Gages product literature by using the link below:

Dorsey Metrology BG-2 Bench Gage

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