Dorsey Midget Reed


This economical, heavy duty production gage features a rigid steel plate frame and our bullet proof reed spring gaging transfer. The LDAR mechanism is impervious to coolants, dirt, and contaminants and offers great repeatability.


Dorsey Midget Reed Features:

  • Standard with part# 2DM125-05 .0005″ graduation dial indicator
  • Micrometer style fine adjustment makes setting this gage fast and easy
  • +/- .050″ gaging travel on reed mechanism
  • Three point hardened steel rests allow .375″ frame clearance and can be adjusted to accomodate a wide variety of parts
  • 0 – .5″ gaging depth adjustment

Available Options

range Product Number
2-6" / 50-150mm LDAR-6-SD
2-8" / 50-200mm LDAR-8-SD
2-6" / 50-150mm LDAR-8-CD
2-8" / 50-200mm LDAR-6-CD

Dorsey Midget Reed:

Dorsey Midget Reed

Download the Dorsey Midget Reed product literature by using the link below:

Dorsey Midget Reed

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