DRV-Z1 Digital Stereo 3D viewer with Zoom

Digital Stereo 3D viewer with Zoom

DRV-Z1 is a digital stereo 3D viewer with zoom that brings together the benefits of optical stereo microscopy and digital technology into a single unique system.

  • 6x – 186x magnification
  • Digital stereo 3D with vivid depth perception
  • Remote viewing of stereo 3D images in real-time

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Image quality

Designed for inspection and manufacturing applications, DRV-Z1’s stereo digital image provides a natural 3D view, with high definition resolution and excellent subject clarity, enabling better quality inspection.

Unique 3D without glasses

For the first time in a digital system, DRV-Z1’s patented technology provides real depth perception, supporting the use of tools for subject manipulation, soldering and reworking. Uniquely, the 3D image is seen without the need for special glasses.

Ergonomic benefits

DRV-Z1’s ergonomic benefits includes; freedom of head movement, natural subject view, comfortable working position, easy hand-to-eye co-ordination and ability to wear prescription eye glasses, if required. All contribute to user comfort resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Communication across sites

For organizations with multiple locations and whose supply network is geographically spread out, DRV-Z1’s 3D image view, capture and sharing enables productivity improvement and new opportunities in collaboration via real time digital connectivity.

  • Digital stereo magnification with 3D depth perception
  • Unparalleled hand to eye coordination
  • Remote viewing and sharing of live 3D images
  • Globally patented 3D technology
  • 10:1 zoom ratio for greater flexibility of application
  • Long working distances and low light requirement
  • Large field of view increasing efficiency and ease of working
  • Users able to wear spectacles for eye correction or safety
  • No special eyewear or VR head sets
  • Optimized ergonomics

Objective Lens 0.33x 0.4x 0.5x
Zoom range 6.1x – 61x 7.4x – 74x 9.3x – 93x
Working distance 182mm 138mm 93mm
Field of view at max. zoom 6.5mm / 3.7mm 5.4mm / 3.0mm 4.3mm / 2.4mm
Field of view at min. zoom 65mm / 37mm 54mm / 30mm 43mm / 24mm

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