Dyer 230 Series Spherical Bore Gage

Spherical Bore Gage

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A. Permanently fixed, spring-loaded, specially designed base with moveable contact which transmits the measurement to the indicator. Contains a spherical ring segment whose size is determined by the range.

B. Interchangeable, spring-loaded base with fixed contact. This base has a self-centering contact surface with a spherical ring segment made to your specifications for one specific dimension. You can order additional interchangeable bases for other specific dimensions within the same range.

Item #             Item Name                                        Measuring Range             Measuring Range       Measuring Depth- "MD/MT"
230-001       Gages for Spherical Diameters         0.551 to 0.787 Inch              14 to 20 mm                           4.33 Inch
230-002       Gages for Spherical Diameters         0.787 to 1.378 Inch              20 to 35 mm                           4.33 Inch
230-003       Gages for Spherical Diameters         1.102 to 1.772 Inch              28 to 45 mm                           5.51 Inch
230-004       Gages for Spherical Diameters         1.772 to 4.138 Inch              45 to 105 mm                          7.09 Inch
230-005       Gages for Spherical Diameters         2.953 to 5.118 Inch              75 to 130 mm                          7.09 Inch
230-006       Gages for Spherical Diameters         5.118 to 11.024 Inch            130 to 280 mm                          9.06 Inch

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