Dyer Bore Gages Indicating Plug type

The Dyer 240 Series INDICATING PLUG BORE GAGES. This item’s measuring Sleeves are  dedicated gages that are specifically  machined to fit a customer’s bore diameter. It is very important to know your part tolerance to make sure the gage has the appropriate range to cover the part specification. On average, the total travel
of a gage head is 0.010″ (0.25mm).  The h dimension is the distance from the centerline of the measuring contact  to the bottom of the measuring sleeve.This determines how close to the bottom of a bore you can measure.

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Dyer 240 series Indicating Plug Bore Gages Features:

  • Non-tipping, two point contact hands off bore gages
  • Eliminating Operator Error
  • Automatic Centering
  • Gage Stability

Dyer 240 Series Indicating type bore gage:

  • Linearity 0.001 mm) a simple direct transfer of the contact point movement to the measurement indicator. This results in the best linear accuracy.
  • Repeatability ≤ ± 0.000040″ (≤ ± 0.001 mm)

Download the Dyer Gage Bore Gage information by using the link below:

Dyer 240 series Indicating Plug Bore Gages

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