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Mahr Federal Air tooling is available for measuring long bores, such as pump barrels used in the oil field industry.  API Oilwell Gaging . Oil well Subsurface Pump Barrel Air Gaging Comparators for Oilwell Subsurface Pump Barrels. The pump barrel air gages for the oil industry is modified to have up to a 0.254mm/.010in total range. It
carries a DPS model number and is basically 2500:1 tooling with extra clearance, a 1/4in polished, trailing and leading edge radius, as well as a full .006in thickness on diameter of hard chrome plate for increased wear life.

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Extended Range Air Plugs Oil Industry Air Gages API Oilwell Gaging.  The system is ideal for accurately measuring size within ±.005in of
zero, but also when extended range is needed for approach and over or to monitoring bore wear typical for pump barrels.

DA-SP-190-W16, DIMENSIONAIR, DA-SPEC-190, 9-0-1, USE W/4O FOOT HOSE, Air Gages, Modified, Code- AV
DA-SP-190-W1, DIMENSIONAIR, DA-SPEC-190, 5-0-5,USE W/3 FT HOSE, Air Gages, Modified, Code- AV

Mahr Federal Pump Barrel Air bore gages. DA-SPEC-190 Dimensionair® with a choice of three available ranges:
Dial 5-0-5: Range ±0.127mm ±.005in
Dial 8-0-2: Range+0.200/-0.050mm +.008/-.002in
Dial 9-0-1: Range +0.225/-0.025mm +.009/-.001in.

Most companies that are making these new go with the +.005 to -.005 range where the repair houses go with either +.009 to -.001 or +.008 to -.002.

Download the DA-SPEC-190 Mahr Federal Dimensionair air plugs by using the link below:

Specialty Oil Pump Barrel Air Gages

The barrel air plugs are typically used with a 30ft long hose. AHO-SPEC-102 is a rubber hose and AHO-SPEC-175 is a heavy duty hydraulic hose. The bore is explored over its full length

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