Flatness , Thickness and Parellelism Measurement Gage

3 way measuring system which accurately measures the flatness, thickness and parellelism of both 1 and 2 sided parts. Up to two different functions can be used simultaneously to measure parts as thin as 0.20mm or as thick as 200mm. *System components are to measure larger components are available upon request*

The unit comes with a new analog-digital display that elimates the possibility of any inaccuracies.  A backlit LCD screen makes for easy viewing as well as interpreting.  You can also record the results due to its programmable system with computer interface capabilities which also you to product analysis reports. A great feature for meeting ISO and SPC production requirements!

The system components include:

  • Versatile digital amplifier
  • Heavy duty gauge stand base
  • 130mm square hardended steel anvil (grooved face)
  • Two inductive probes (1 thickness/parallel, 1 flatness)

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